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    last 5 years many major developments have taken place in the Health Sector

    Under the current leadership of His Excellency President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom— during the last 5 years many major developments have taken place in the Health Sector.

    Focus has been given on access to affordable, accessible and quality health services. Under the social insurance scheme with the introduction of “Husnuvaa Asanda” people have access to better healthcare. There has been a steady decline in out of pocket expenditure from 49% in 2011 to 29.5% in 2015. Mechanisms have been established for treatments such as cancers and renal diseases.

    Locally many new health services have been introduced notably last 3 years. MRI services in Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) started on November 11, 2015, since then over 15315 people have used the services and 19434 procedures have taken place. In 2016 National Cardiac Center has been established and services has been given to over 52996 people and over 3178 cardiac procedures have taken place. National Cardiac Center also provides echocardiography, ECG and various other procedures including cardiac intervention services.

    Since 2013, Renal services and dialysis facilities have been established and expanded to 6 Atolls apart from Male’ region. Till now over 62474 dialysis services in IGMH and 5879 services In Hulhumale, 74 services in Villimale have taken place…

    To address the growing need for cancer prevention, certain cancers screening facilities has been set up in 3 Atolls. And in 2017 a special center for center for cancer treatment with a specialist doctor for cancer has been set up in Hulhumale hospital. IGMH has also established cancer treatment services.

    Under the current government policy Thalassemia services, screening and treatment mechanisms have been established. Bone marrow transplant treatment has been done to 57 Thalassemia patients fully supported by government.

    Regional and Atoll Health services system has been revised in 2015. And a mechanism for transport of patients have been established with the introduction of sea ambulance services. And additional 84 land ambulances services are in place in regions and atolls to carry patients.

    Treatment plans for chronic diseases and patients getting treatment overseas has been established under the health insurance system. Within the last 3 years under the Asandha Scheme over 44 people has organ transplantations performed.

    In 2017 hospital bed capacity has been increased for 50 beds per 10,000 population, worldwide average is 27 beds per 10,000 population. Also doctors ratio is 24 doctors per 10,000 where worldwide average is 15 doctors per 10,000 population.

    Since 2015 over 60 specialist doctors have been sent for specialist fields such as radiology, pediatrics, surgery, oncology, Obstetrician/ Gynecology and for sub specializing.

    More focus is given on establishing tertiary level hospitals. (Add)

    In 2018 SDG in health profile has been launched in Ministry of Health as a framework and to track the work towards Health SDGs.

    At a global level, Maldives have received disease elimination status by WHO, with elimination of Malaria, Measles, Filaria and now working towards more elimination such as TB.

    Government has now committed to reduce the premature deaths and control of Non Communicable Disease (NCDS) with a plan to reduce 25% of premature deaths by 2025. This plan requires efforts from multiple partners and organization. Currently open air gym has been established and more prevention, early detection work is underway