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    National Food Safety Policy Launched

    National Food Safety Policy (2017-2026) was launched today by the Minister of Health Honorable Abdulla Nazim Ibrahim. The ceremony to launch the National Food Safety Policy was held at the Ministry of Health on the occasion of World Food Day 2017.

    This ceremony was attended by WHO representative to the Maldives, Dr. Arvind Mathur and senior officials from WHO Country Office, Ministry of Health and Maldives Food and Drug Authority.

    Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Health emphasized the importance of the food safety policy to prevent diseases caused by unsafe food. He stated that every year an estimated 400,000 people die as a result of foodborne diseases worldwide. Furthermore, Minister highlighted that a food safety bill has been drafted and this will be enacted in the near future.

    Maldives Food and Drug Authority as the lead agency developed the policy with support from World Health Organization and multitsakehoder consultation, covers all aspects of national, regional and international practices, principles, guidelines, and standards governing food safety systems.

    The four main goals of the policy is aimed at achieving advancements in the national food safety system, based on national and international standards, safeguarding human, animal and plant health and the facilitation of trade through the application of science based principles, enabled by an intergrated institutional framework, effective interagency collaboration and appropriate legislation as well as a strengthened public/private sector partnership.